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Facials in Rotherham

Revitalise your appearance with dermabrasion, Swedish facial massages, and lunchtime HIFU facelift treatments, which are completely non-surgical. Nude Skin Clinic should be your first destination for rejuvenating and non-surgical facial therapies that will leave you looking and feeling revitalised.

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 HIFU neck treatment



Indulge in the ultimate non-surgical facelift experience with our Lunchtime HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatments. Achieve a refreshed appearance without the need for needles. Choose from our specialised options:

  • HIFU jaw snatch and neck tightening: £300
  • HIFU crow feet and eye bag rejuvenation: £120

These lunchtime facelifts are designed to enhance your natural beauty, providing a non-invasive solution to address specific areas of concern.



 Dermabrasion facial treatment



Experience the brilliance of our Diamond Dermabrasion, a mechanical skin peel that works wonders for your skin. This treatment not only reduces wrinkles but also effectively removes blackheads and cleanses pores, offering powerful anti-aging benefits.

Diamond Glow Dermabrasion: £50

Unlock a radiant complexion with this advanced skin rejuvenation technique.


 Swedish facial



Indulge in the pampering luxury of our Swedish Facial. This treatment goes beyond the surface, providing a deep cleanse and a soothing deep tissue massage on your face, shoulders, and neck.

Swedish Massage Facial: £40

Rejuvenate your senses as you unwind with this holistic approach to facial care.


 Eyebrow waxing



Complete your facial transformation with our expert eyebrow waxing and tinting services. Frame your face beautifully, enhancing your natural features.

Explore our range of facial treatments to discover the perfect combination for your skincare needs. Whether it's the precision of HIFU, the brilliance of Diamond Dermabrasion, the relaxation of a Swedish Facial, or the finishing touch of eyebrow services – our expert team is dedicated to delivering a personalised experience tailored to your unique beauty goals. Achieve a radiant and youthful appearance with our non-surgical and transformative facial treatments. Book your appointment today and embrace the beauty of revitalisation.