Beauty Treatments

ook great and feel beautiful at Nude Skin Clinic! Whether you male or female and whatever your age, we always offer a warm welcome, and professional beauty treatments. As a beauty salon in Rotherham, we provide facials, brow waxing, dermabrasion, manicures, pedicures, ear candles, and laser teeth whitening for clients across the South Yorkshire area.



Revitalise your appearance with dermabrasion, Swedish facial massages, and lunchtime HIFU facelift treatments, which are completely non-surgical.   more  

Ear Candles

This relaxing and soothing treatment can help relieve all kinds of ear problems and helps promote wellbeing and mood overall.  more  

Lash lifts

This treatment curls your lashes from base to tip, so the full length of the lashes can be seen more easily, and highlight the shape of the eyes.  more  


Have beautiful looking feet once more, with our intense pedicures and foot soaks, and optional gel polish too!  more  

Laser teeth whitening

This is a fast, pain-free way to have your teeth gleaming and impressive within 30 minutes, without bleaching trays.  more