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As a 42-year-old woman dealing with the pre-menopause, I understand the demands life throws our way. Come visit me for a Hollywood wax, and let's share a good old moan about the constant battles us ladies face in life. Removing hair from your intimate area takes just 20 minutes, and our wax contains no chemicals, making it vegan-friendly. I perform waxing in Rotherham for women of all ages and background.

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Specialist waxing techniques

As an advanced waxer with the VWAX brand, I am one of six professionals skilled in this technique. I use specialised methods, including manipulating your lymph glands, to make the waxing process less painful. This technique also stimulates the release of toxins accumulated from daily life, allowing them to leave the areas where they build up.

Take Away The Hassle Of Shaving

VWAX is suitable for all ages, starting from 16. Don't get caught up in the hassle of daily shaving; initiating waxing early can inhibit hair follicles, resulting in reduced hair growth. By your fourth wax session, you can expect a 50% reduction in hair. Let's make the process of maintaining your intimate areas not just effective but also a shared experience where we can discuss and address the challenges women face.

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This removes hair from the entire pubic region, including the front, back, and everything in between. It often leaves a small strip or triangle of hair in the front.


Similar to a Brazilian, a Hollywood wax involves the complete removal of pubic hair, including the front, back, and everything in between. However, unlike the Brazilian, there is no strip or triangle of hair left.


This involves removing hair from the sides of the bikini line and a bit more from the top compared to a standard bikini wax. It is a waxing style that is shaped like a G-string underwear.

Full leg

This involves waxing the hair on the entire leg, from the thigh to the ankle.


Complete removal of hair from the armpit area.


This can be the waxing of hair on the arms, either the full arms or specific areas, depending on individual preference.


Back and chest waxing involve the removal of hair from the back or chest areas, commonly chosen by anyone who prefers a smoother look.

Facial waxing

This encompasses various facial areas where waxing may be performed, such as the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, or sides of the face. It is a method to remove unwanted facial hair.



Man having chest waxed



This involves the removal of hair from the entire leg, typically from the thigh down to the ankle. It provides a smoother appearance and is a popular choice for those who prefer hair-free legs.


This is the removal of hair from the groin area, shaping it into a Y or V pattern. It may include the removal of hair from the pubic region and the upper thighs.

Chest or back wax

Male chest waxing involves removing hair from the chest area, while back waxing is the removal of hair from the back. These are common choices for individuals who want a smoother and hair-free torso.








  • Brazilian £50
  • Nude Package (full leg, under arm, intimate area, top lip and brow): £80
  • Under arm: £7
  • Full leg: £20
  • Half leg: £15
  • Bikini: £20

Male Waxing

  • Y Front: £35
  • Chest or back: £20
  • Butt crack and cheeks: £20
  • Full leg: £30

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